Who I am

Hey there, my name is Jonas. I’m the owner of this website.

I was born in April 1985 in the city of Deggendorf, Bavaria, Germany.

A few years ago I started investigating personal finance including related products such as current accounts, credit cards and securities accounts. Focus is on products available to customers with German residence.

Right now I’m customer and product tester having relations with many banks.

On this website, I’m going to portray all of these products, while also comparing and rating them; plus giving hints not so easily found.

I’ll focus on translating this site’s contents in many languages, so even non-native speakers can easily access and benefit from them.

…who I was

A few years ago, thinking too much about my personal finances was taboo for me. There are much more important things in life, I said to myself.

But then, all of a sudden, I wondered why I spend 40 hours each week going to work in order to earn it. Why this, if money allegedly doesn’t matter?

… what I want

Focussing on your personal finance in particular and on finances in general is not necessarily boring. Taking care of your personal finance can be fun and rewarding.

Please keep in mind that I am a layman with regard to finance-related topics.

I am self-learned, and I’d like to encourage you following my path.


My special thanks goes to the knowledgeable authors of the following websites (in German tongue):


Vielfliegertreff Forum -> Kreditkarten

Finally let me quote a wise man:

“Don’t believe a single word I say[…]. Doubt it, and yet consider it possible. Just give it a try, and make your own conclusions, based on your experiences.”

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